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Terms & Conditions for the Denver Ballet Guild Les Cygnettes, Les Demoiselles and Les Messieurs Program Participation

Les Cygnettes/Les Messieurs: 
Grades 6-8

Les Demoiselles/Les Messieurs:  Grades 9-12

The Les Cygnettes, Les Demoiselles and Les Messieurs programs are open to any child whose parent is an active member in good standing.  The Parent will incur their membership fee as well as the program registration fee for the Les Cygnettes, Les Demoiselles or Les Messieurs program.   The program fee includes a set number or events/performances clearly outlined in the year line-up BUT we also offer additional events/performances that each program participant may choose to attend for an additional fee (above and beyond the $295.00 for the program fee).

When registering your child for the program you are agreeing to the below listed policies and parameters.   

"Program Participant" etiquette and expectations refers to the teen registered for the program.  

Program Participant Etiquette & Expectations

Your understanding and cooperation following established etiquette is essential for the enjoyment, safety and easy management of events.

  • Acceptance of an invitation to and event/performance is a definite commitment so please plan accordingly.  A ticket purchased because of your acceptance cannot be returned to the ticket office for a refund if you do not attend.  Therefore, if the Program Participant needs to cancel a reservation he/she needs to contact both the Ticketing Chair and her School Group Coordinator no less than 48 hours before the performance.  Tickets are non-transferable.

Established event etiquette must be followed by all Program Participants:

  • Plan your schedule to arrive on time and remain for the entire event/performance.
  • Seating is assigned and each Program Participant must remain with the group, except during intermissions
  • No talking, eating, schoolwork or cell phones during performances
  • Appropriate seating is expected - i.e. feet on the floor
  • Unless otherwise specified on the event/performance invitation, appropriate attire will include dresses, skirts with blouses or sweaters, dressy pant outfits.  Clothing should be conservative - the hem of a skirt is below the fingertips when arms are at sides.  No cleavage or midriff should show.  Denim fabric should not be worn.  Spaghetti and bra straps need to be covered by a sweater or jacket.  "Flip flops" should not be worn but dressy mules or slides with a heel and strap between the toes are fine.
  • Reusable water bottles are not allowed in the venues.
  • The use of illegal substances, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or vaping by any Program Participant is strictly forbidden at all event/performances.  Use of these may result in dismissal from the event/performance as well as the Les Cygnettes, Les Demoiselles or Les Messieurs program.  
Parent Etiquette & Expectations

Parents are needed to:
  • Help ensure that their child is aware of the program dates and their specific responsibilities and etiquette expectations.
  • Assist with social events and transportation to events (light rail can be used as a mode of transportation). 
  • Notify the program coordinators of any address, email or phones changes.  Also please let the coordinator know if there are any grade discrepancies in the roster.
  • If extra tickets are available, parents and/or siblings may attend the performance at the discounted ticket price.  The Program Chair will let the families know and these tickets will be distributed at a first come/first serve basis.
Transportation Protocol

  • Program participants are expected to arrive on time to performances and related group social occasions and stay through the end of the event. 
  • Light rail can be used as a mode of transportation to and from events and performances.
Special Events

  • Special Events incur and additional cost for the Program Participants, parents and all committee members.
  • A Special Event has no cancellation policy; there are no refunds.
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