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The Denver Ballet Guild has a close relationship with the world-renowned Vail International Dance Festival. Damian Woetzel, the Festival’s Artistic Director, has designed a study abroad opportunity in Vail for four young Ukrainian dancers and we would like to support him in this effort.

From Damian Woetzel and the International Dance Festival:

"Responding to the need to support young artists affected by the unprovoked war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the 2022 Festival will host four Ukrainian Scholars-In-Residence, expanding the program to give up to four displaced young dancers the opportunity to study abroad this summer. Since the onset of the war in March, these aspiring ballet dancers have been studying in schools in Europe which are closed in the summer, and with no safe way to return home at this time, they will be our guests in Vail during the Festival. Estimated cost for the program, including Tiler Peck's choreography for a piece the dancers will perform during the Festival, is $30K. Gifts of all sizes are welcome!"

If you are interested in participating in and contributing to this kind-hearted endeavor to provide a safe-haven for these young dancers to continue their study of ballet please consider donating.

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All of the donations will be given together as a gift from the Denver Ballet Guild Membership.

One of the goals of the Denver Ballet Guild is to support promising young dancers to further their dance education. These young dancers would be ever-so-grateful for your support.


Karen Crossman, DBG Young Dancers Co-Chair


Showcase of Dance gives Colorado school children a unique opportunity to experience dance and the arts. Each year, this program brings more than 6,000 at-risk students to the theater to enjoy a special performance featuring local dance companies such as Colorado Ballet and Cleo Parker Robinson. Each performance introduces students to classical ballet, modern, and cultural dance, and is educational, entertaining, and age-appropriate. Many of the children attending Showcase are seeing a live dance performance for the first time in their lives.

The Guild spends more than $28,000 for Showcase of Dance annually, and welcomes underwriting for this program through generous donations toward the costs of facility rental and bus transportation to and from the theater venue.  Costs for bus transportation exceed $300 per busload.


In-School Programs promotes arts education among school children by bringing local professional dance companies to perform in individual Metro Denver schools.

With your help we can continue to offer these impactful programs.

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Our Community Enrichment program provides grants to dance companies totaling more than $85,000 annually to encourage performance development and innovation. This support for diverse dance companies enriches the Denver arts scene. 

Past grant recipients include:

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