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Dance to the Rhythm of the Ballet Guild


Membership with the Denver Ballet Guild helps to create wonderful opportunities within the Denver community.  

Showcase of Dance and In-School Programs reach more than 7,500 children, exposing many to the joy of a live dance performance for the first time in their lives.

Community Enrichment funds the creative efforts of eight Colorado dance companies with generous grants totaling $85,000.

Young Dancers Competition awards between $21,500-$27,500 to ballet students from across the state to further their dance education. 

The Denver Ballet Guild is a 100% volunteer-driven organization with more than 500 members working actively in the community to promote the dance arts through fundraisers and member programs. 

Be part of an organization that recognizes the importance of art and creative expression

in our lives and the lives of Colorado children.


2023-2024 Elected Officers & Executive Board

  • President:  Allison Dodge
  • President Elect:   Caroline Rodawig
  • Past President:   Kelli Fisher
  • Recording Secretary:   Alyson Graves
  • Treasurer:  Katy Brown
  • Treasurer Elect:  Brynn Chase
  • VP, Community Enrichment:  Janet Hayes/Maura Johnson
  • VP, Young Dancers Competition:   Karen Crossman and Caroline Rodawig
  • VP, Fundraising:  Becca Damanio / Kate Wallace
  • VP, Marketing:   Katie Grassby
  • VP, Membership:  Merry Logan
  • VP, Showcase of Dance:  Lisa Olson and Cate Ness
  • VP, Social Activities:  Julia Porterfield
  • Corresponding Secretary:  Louise Atkinson
  • Endowment Secretary:  Louise Atkinson
  • Database Chair:  OPEN
  • Website Director:  Katie Grassby
  • Grant Writer:  OPEN
  • Historian:  Joann Cole
  • Newsletter Chair: Lauren Eigner
  • Parliamentarian:  Sara Neylon
  • Publicity/PR Chair:  Kelley Digby
  • New Member Liaison: OPEN
  • Bylaws Chair:  Jean Armstrong and Pam Piro
  • Communications Chair:  OPEN
  • Young Professionals Chair:  Elizabeth Armstrong and Matt Stratton
  • Le Bal de Ballet Chair:  Katy Truitt
  • Le Bal de Ballet Chair Elect:  Dawn Wolf
  • Les Demoiselles/Les Messieurs Chair:  Cory Dunnick
  • Les Cygnettes/Les Messieurs Chair:  Ghislaine Bruner
  • Art In Motion Chair:  Allison Dodge, Karen Crossman, Carol Rodawig
  • Volunteer Recognition Chair:  Caroline Rodawig
  • Dance Dates Chair:  Jane Netzorg / Kris Kerr / Alyson Graves / Gigi Ryner
  • Photography Chair:   Kathy Wells
  • Colorado Gives Coordinator:  Kim Manning
  • Legal Advisors:  Sarah Kellner / Teresa Burke
  • Nominating Chair:   Kelli Fisher
  • Nominating Committee:   Allison Dodge, Merry Logan, Katy Brown, Sarah Neylon, Alson Graves, and Maura Johnson
  • Community Enrichment Committee:   Janet Hayes/Maura Johnson, Merry Logan, Jane Netzorg, Louise Atkinson, Anne Slucky
  • Advisors:  Kim Manning, Karen Crossman, Jean Armstrong, Kelli Fisher, Pam Piro
  • Endowment Board: Kim Raemdonck (Chair), Hugh Armstrong (Treasurer), Molly Callendar Hobbs (Secretary), Melissa Baldwin (Trustee), Betsey Bengston (Trustee), Sarah Keepers (Trustee), Allison Dodge (DBG President), Caroline Rodawig (DBG President Elect), Katy Brown (DBG Treasurer), Brynn Chase (DBG Asst. Treasurer), Louise Atkinson (Endowment Secretary)



The mission of the Denver Ballet Guild shall be to stimulate interest in ballet and other forms of dance; to promote dance at all levels; to conduct dance education; to develop audiences; to conduct fundraising activities to support and promote dance and to disburse funds for such purposes.  


Active members can search our membership directory to keep in touch with other members. 

Please click here to access the online Membership Directory


The Denver Ballet Guild is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization that has

supported, promoted, and celebrated dance arts in Colorado since 1979. Through

outreach, education, and fundraising, our 1200+ members:

Award $85K annually in grants to Metro Denver dance companies through our Community

Enrichment Program. Past recipients have included: 3rd Law Dance, Ballet Ariel, Boulder

Ballet, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, Colorado Ballet, Hannah Kahn Dance Company,

Kim Robards Dance, Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet, Wonderbound, and

Zikr Dance Ensemble. These grants promote a diverse arts community in Denver

supporting innovation and dance development.

Sponsor Showcase of Dance and In-School Programs annually for more than 20 years,

bringing elementary school children (largely from underserved schools in metro Denver) to

live professional dance performances. The Denver Ballet Guild covers all costs, including

bus transportation to the schools and educational materials for the children. These two

programs cost $44K to produce, and reach more than 7500 children.

Host and sponsor the Young Dancers Competition, a highly-regarded and rigorous

competition for young dancers age 10-18. The program provides the opportunity for more

than 250 competitors from across Colorado to train with a nationally-known master teacher

and compete for financial awards to support their dance education. The program costs $45K

to produce, of which $28K is awarded to a group of these promising young dancers.

Host and sponsor youth dance arts appreciation programs (Les Cygnettes, Les

Demoiselles, and new in 2022 to also include Les Messieurs), bringing middle and high

school students from Metro Denver schools to various dance performance and professional

theater events.

Host and sponsor the Guild's signature fundraising event and a long-standing Denver

tradition, Le Bal de Ballet. This program honors accomplished local area high school

seniors and raises between $130K & $150K annually for the Guild.

P.O. Box 2656 Littleton, CO 80161 

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